How To Make The Most Out Of Your Patio

The patio increases your living area by providing useful outdoor space. However, the complete use of your space depends on how you set up the patio. Likewise, items such as sunsetter awnings and fire pits allow you to enjoy your outdoor living no matter the weather. Design your patio so you get the most enjoyment out of the space. Design the Layout When it comes to maximizing space, the layout is very important.

Everything You Need To Know About Solar Window Screens

Living in a sun-harsh environment comes with a host of issues, but perhaps the biggest issue is the cost associated with cooling the home. While some areas are dry enough to benefit from evaporative coolers, in most places air conditioning still reigns supreme due to humidity, and AC is extremely costly. This usually leads homeowners into researching cost effective ways to cool the home, and one of the newest technologies in this field is solar window screens.

Top Window Cleaning Tips And Tricks

While the most obvious dirty windows are smudged from dogs, children, and various other hand prints, sometimes the dirt that is more easily missed is the culprit for many stains, including mold. It's best to clean household windows twice a year; this will prevent the buildup of dust and other organic matter, which are hosts for unsightly mold. Best Supplies for Cleaning Windows While most people feel as though some spray cleaner with ammonia and some wadded up paper towels are sufficient tools for thorough window cleaning, all that rubbing tends to leave the dust in other areas as opposed to completely cleaned off of the window.

Getting New Vinyl Windows? Make Sure You Dress Them Up

Vinyl windows can help you save money because they improve the energy efficiency in your home, but they also look great. You can make them look even better by dressing them up properly. Below are four different types of window treatments you can use to make your windows and home look more inviting. Interior Shutters There are two types of interior shutters you can choose: plantation and cottage. Plantation shutters are popular, and are generally placed inside the frame of the window.

Fortifying Your Bedroom Door

Although most burglars prefer to rob a home when no one is around, some are bold enough to invade a house while the occupant is inside. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, someone was home in 28 percent of robberies committed, and the person was subjected to violence in 7 percent of cases. One way to protect yourself is to fortify your bedroom door to guard against an unlawful entry. Here are a couple of tips to help you.