Keeping Your Windshield Intact During The Hot Summer Months

Summer is a great time to get in your car and go out on the road. However, cracks and scratches in the glass of your car's windshield might make road trips impossible. To ensure that your windshield remains intact and unscratched throughout the hot months, use these three suggestions. Keep Your Car Covered When Not in Use During the summer months, thunderstorms, hail storms and heavy winds can cause problems for the glass on your windshield.

Tips For Making Your Sliding Glass Door Open And Close Easier

If your home's sliding glass doors have become difficult to open, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to make them easier to operate. If so, use the following three tips to troubleshoot the problem and try simple fixes for making your door open and close more smoothly.  Inspect The Tracks For Anything Blocking The Door's Path The first thing to do is to check the tracks for anything that could be blocking the door's path.

3 Window Types To Consider For Your Home

Are you ready to give the exterior of your house a more appealing look by investing in new windows from a company like Windows Plus? The best thing about home windows is that there are plenty of styles available for you to choose from that can provide more benefits than adding appeal to the exterior of your house. In this article, find out about three types of windows that you can invest in for your home that can satisfy your needs.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Patio

The patio increases your living area by providing useful outdoor space. However, the complete use of your space depends on how you set up the patio. Likewise, items such as sunsetter awnings and fire pits allow you to enjoy your outdoor living no matter the weather. Design your patio so you get the most enjoyment out of the space. Design the Layout When it comes to maximizing space, the layout is very important.

Everything You Need To Know About Solar Window Screens

Living in a sun-harsh environment comes with a host of issues, but perhaps the biggest issue is the cost associated with cooling the home. While some areas are dry enough to benefit from evaporative coolers, in most places air conditioning still reigns supreme due to humidity, and AC is extremely costly. This usually leads homeowners into researching cost effective ways to cool the home, and one of the newest technologies in this field is solar window screens.