What You Need To Do When Your Window Will Not Slide Properly

If your window does not slide properly, here is what you need to do to get everything literally back on track in no time. #1 Remove The Sliding Part Of The Window The first thing you need to do is remove the sash, or part of your window, that slides back and forth. To remove the sash, first you are going to need to un-attach any devices that are holding the window in place, such as a lock or a wood that you using to keep your window secure.

Three Techniques For Protecting Your Safety Glass From Vandals

One of the great things about safety glass is that if someone attempts to smash it in order to gain entrance to your store, they'll have a much harder time doing so. It can take four times as much force to break safety glass as would have to be exerted to break regular glass, meaning that the criminals are more likely to be apprehended or frightened away before entering and making off with something of value.

First Home And Confused About Window Blinds? 3 Different Types You Can Choose From

If you have just purchased your first new home and are trying to decorate it, it can be difficult to choose the right types of blinds. This is especially true if you have never purchased blinds before and know nothing about them. To help you out, below are three different types you can choose from. Real Wood or Faux Wood Blinds Wood blinds can be expensive, but they look beautiful. If it is not in your budget, however, you can purchase faux wood blinds, which look much like the real thing.

How To Replace Glass Block Window Panes

If you have a broken glass block window, you don't have to replace the whole window. Glass block windows are made from single blocks of glass joined by mortar or plastic spacers. It is possible to replace single glass blocks. You don't need advanced skills to replace glass blocks. Here are some tips the replace glass block window panes. Prepare to Work For this project, you need: work gloves safety glasses tape measure cloths vacuum paper bag bucket pliers duct tape utility knife (optional) putty knife (optional) rubber mallet hammer, pre-mix mortar or plastic spacers and silicone sealant trowel striking tool (a narrow spatula) replacement glass blocks Wear thick pants and long sleeves.

Cool It Down Baby: Make Your Sunroom Comfortable For Hot Summers

If you live in an environment that sees temperatures in the 90 degrees Fahrenheit and above during the summer months, you know how important it is to keep the house cool. If you have a sunroom, this may be a favorite space during spring days and summer nights. Sunrooms can get hot during the daytime in the summer months, but there are ways to make them more comfortable. Here is how you can set up a cozy, cool sunroom during the summer months.