How Adding Heat Resistant Film to Your Windows Can Help You Save on Energy Costs

With the winter months quickly approaching, it's an ideal time to learn how heat-resistant film can be an affordable and effective way to save on energy. Read on to see how window films work to combat heat loss and gain in your home and how adding heat-resistant film to your windows can go a long way in helping lower your energy bills.

How Heat Loss and Gain Occurs in Your Home

One common issue that homeowners face is heat loss and heat gain from poor insulation. This is especially prevalent during the winter months when indoor heating is a must. Heat loss typically happens through windows, doors, walls, and roofs and can cause your indoor heating system to work overtime to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Heat gain occurs largely through windows and can be an even more significant issue during the summer months. Windows that let in too much sunlight can quickly heat up a room, forcing your cooling system to work much harder, ultimately raising your electricity bill.

How Window Films Work to Combat Heat Loss and Gain

Window films work to combat heat loss and gain by adding a layer of insulation between the interior of your home and the outdoors. The film acts as a barrier and reflects, absorbs, or redirects solar heat, thereby enhancing the insulation properties of your windows.

Types of Window Films

There are various types of window films available on the market, but the most popular for combating heat loss and gain are reflective or metallic films. These films are incredibly effective at reflecting sunlight, thereby reducing the amount of heat that enters your home during the summer months. Infrared-absorbing films, on the other hand, are ideal for combating heat loss during colder months. They work by absorbing light and converting it into heat, which helps improve insulation.

Costs and Benefits of Heat-Resistant Film

The cost of installing heat-resistant film varies depending on the size and number of windows that you have. However, the benefits of adding film to your windows significantly outweigh the initial cost. Not only will you save on your energy bills, but you'll also prevent fade damage and increase the lifespan of your furniture and flooring.

Adding heat-resistant film is an affordable way to combat heat loss and gain in your home, making it an ideal solution for homeowners looking to save on energy costs. With the winter months approaching, it's an ideal time to invest in window films to enhance the insulation properties of your windows.

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