Need Replacement Windows? Make Sure These Costs Are Included In Your Quote

If water entering the home through the windows is causing problems around your property, and you are getting quotes for replacement windows, there are details you want to make sure the installation contractor doesn't skip. You don't want surprise expenses at the end of the job. Here are some of the things to question and ask about while you're getting quotes and picking out new windows.

Old Material Removal

You want to know the cost per window for the removal of your old materials. These will have to be taken to a junkyard, recycled, or disposed of in some way. This cost should be on the initial quote and not factored in later after the project is starting.

Frame Concerns  

If you can see rotting and damage throughout the window frames, then it’s likely that there is damage to the window boxes and frames that the windows are built into. These repairs can be costly.

The window installation company may want to take a window out to see the condition of one of the frames. This can help the installation team get a more accurate estimate for the project. This won't just increase the cost of the job, but also extend the timeline.


The cost for permits should be in the quote. This is something that may be required by the city or township where the property is located. Although this will be a minimal cost for the project, it's still an added cost.

The quote should include everything that could come up during the window installation project. Here are all the details you should expect to see:

  • Installation labor fee
  • Cost of each material
  • Removal
  • Preparation costs
  • Permits
  • Timeline for the project

If you have to put a deposit down for the work, ask what amount this will be before you agree to a contractor.

There are many new high-quality and affordable options you can choose for your replacement window needs. Ask about vinyl windows if you are looking for durable but affordable long-lasting windows for your home.

Know the warranty for the products and materials that will be used for the window insulation in the home. If you need replacement windows, contact a local window service to get a quote for the services you need. From there, you can explore financing options if needed for the renovations. The window replacement company may even have a payment plan.