3 Signs It's Time To Upgrade From Wood Siding To Vinyl And Better Protect Your Home

The life expectancy of home siding depends on the material that it is made of. It also depends on how well homeowners maintain their siding. Some individuals are not a good fit for high-maintenance siding such as wood. This can lead to damages that warrant premature replacement. It might also lead to expensive consequences such as insect infestations and damage from water and insects. 

Vinyl home siding installations are on the rise. Homeowners who have busy lifestyles appreciate that vinyl is a durable material that can last for decades, is easy to maintain, promotes energy efficiency, is available in an array of colors, and can be manufactured to mimic other siding materials such as cedar shakes or tile. The following points identify signs that indicate a new home siding installation is needed.

Energy Bill Spikes

Homeowners who notice significant changes in their energy bills for the worse need to determine if there have been any rate changes from their providers. If not or it was a small raise, they should explore whether they have damaged insulation or siding. One of the key benefits of home siding is to offer better energy efficiency to homeowners. There are other repair issues that can cause this phenomenon such as damaged roofing. However, if there is loose or damaged siding, an upgraded home siding installation may be needed.

Signs of Moisture Intrusion

Siding that has reached the end of its lifespan cannot offer maximum protection. Homeowners may notice bubbling paint on the exterior walls of their homes, which is a good indicator that moisture intrusion is taking place. It is a good idea to look for these subtle damages after rainfall. Interior walls that have wallpaper may appear to swell beneath the covering, and painted walls may form bubbles. Upgrading from wood siding to vinyl for the new home siding installation may eliminate these issues because vinyl is moisture-resistant.

Algae and Fungal Growth

This may be a sign that the current siding is not protecting a home against the elements. If there are cracks or holes present, the substances may have contaminated the underlying building materials, and the siding will likely need to be replaced. A vinyl siding upgrade will give homeowners a durable solution that is easy to clean if these substances grow on the siding panels.

Safety and protection against home damage should be paramount to homeowners. They can use a home siding installation company as a resource to learn more about vinyl siding and sourcing the color of siding they want. The contractors can also source specific designs. Some individuals are fond of wood grain, which is why they may currently have wood siding. However, they may find the maintenance burdensome. A vinyl siding solution that has deep woodgrain detail can give these homeowners the best of "both worlds."  

For more information about home siding installations, contact a local company.