2 Types Of Windows To Choose For Increased Ventilation

One of the main reasons homes are built with windows is in order to provide a means of ventilation. With that being said, a lot of homeowners feel that their windows don't let much air in, after all. Perhaps you avoid opening your existing windows because you don't want anyone to fall from them. Or maybe the windows don't even open in a way that would let in air. This is all fixable. When you have your windows replaced, talk to your window installation technician about these two types of windows that will let in more air.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are a style of window that has hinges on one side. There's a crank at the base of the window, and when you turn it, the window hinges open. There's a set of latches on the side opposite the hinges that lock the window in tightly when it is closed. You can have your casement windows installed so that they are able to open to the left or to the right, depending on your preferences. 

Casement windows are excellent for ventilating a home. The window itself catches cross-breezes and then funnels in through the window opening. You can also open the windows as wide as you want depending on how much air you want to let in.

Awning Windows

Do you find that you rarely open your windows for ventilation because when you do so, rain comes into your home as well? If you live in a rainy area, this can be a big issue. Awning windows may be the solution you've been waiting for. These windows mount on hinges at the top of the window opening. When you turn a crank on the window sill, the window itself rises up until it shields over the window opening like an awning. You can then leave your windows open even when it's raining outside, allowing for plenty of ventilation.

Awning windows do usually work best in smaller window openings. They're a common choice in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Many homeowners who value ventilation use casements throughout most of their home, and awnings in smaller window openings where they want the option of opening windows when it's raining.

Windows are supposed to allow air into your home, so why not choose a style that does this well? Casement windows and awning windows both have their benefits, which you can discuss in more detail with your window installer.

For more information on residential window installation, contact a professional near you.