Considering Window Replacements? The Top Window Installation Questions

What do you need to know about replacement window installation? You're considering replacements—but don't know much about the installation process or the outcomes. Before you decide whether or not to upgrade your home's windows, take a look at the top questions homeowners have answered.

Is Installation a Do-It-Yourself Job?

Simply stated, no. Replacement installation is not a DIY home repair. Failure to replace home windows correctly could result in issues that affect both the form and function of the new products. 

A DIY installation may have aesthetic issues that detract from your home's exterior or interior. Uneven panes, weather-stripping, or caulking/sealants can look noticeably off. Along with the way the windows look, a DIY installation can leave gaps or damage the frames. These issues may allow air in or out. This results in home heating or cooling losses and can impact your overall comfort. Beyond the temperature inside of your home, gaps in windows can cause your utility bills to spike, costing you money. 

Who Should Install Your Windows?

If a DIY job isn't advisable, who should install replacements? Leave this service to a qualified professional. The contractor you hire should specialize in window replacement and have references to back up their claims of quality. Look for a company with years' worth of experience in the local area and knowledge of the type of replacements you want—especially if you want a custom glass creation or a specialty window, such as a bow or bay.

Can a Professional Replace Windows Any Time of the Year?

It's possible for a qualified contractor to replace your home's windows at any time of the year. Provided the temperature isn't excessively cold or hot, the stormy weather stays away, and ice or snow isn't an issue, many contractors will schedule this service during any month. If you're not sure whether the weather will negatively affect the installation process, talk to your potential future contractor about the options.

Will Professionally Installed Windows Add Value To Your Home?

Now that you know more about installation, it's time to take the next step and decide whether your home needs replacements. In 2020 homeowners recouped an average of 72.3 percent for newly installed vinyl replacements, according to Remodeling Magazine. While this is a national average figure and not a guaranteed amount, it's likely new windows will add value to your home. The added value and amount you can recoup from the initial costs you pay for the window and installation depends on a few factors. These include the quality of the replacements, the type of windows, and the installation job.