3 Things To Know About Hurricane Windows

When winds gust, debris can easily break your home's windows, letting wind and water into your home. Keeping your windows intact during a hurricane or a powerful storm is crucial for keeping damage to a minimum. Installing hurricane windows is an excellent way to protect the envelope of your home. Hurricane windows are built to stand up to high winds and wind-blown debris. Here are three things that you should know about hurricane windows.

Doors Can Be Protected Too

If you have a sliding glass door or a door that has a large window, hurricane doors are also an option. Hurricane doors are a fantastic way to protect your home while still maintaining your view. Both hurricane windows and doors use impact-resistant glass that resists shattering when struck by debris. While debris may crack your windows, they won't shatter and let the elements in. The fewer areas there are for wind, rain, and debris to get in, the better. So if you are looking into hurricane windows for your home, be aware that there are options for hurricane-resistant doors as well. 

Hurricane Windows Are An Investment

While there are numerous reasons to install hurricane windows, especially if you are in a storm-prone location, they are not inexpensive. Hurricane doors and windows are an investment, and it's up to you to determine if it's one worth making for your home. On the low-end, adding hurricane-resistant windows and doors to your home will cost $2,463. On the high-end, this project will cost upwards of $13,284. The number of windows and doors you have will impact your costs, as will the sizes of your windows and doors. 

Hurricane Windows Have Additional Benefits

The main reason that most homeowners install hurricane windows is to protect their homes from storm damage. However, there are other benefits to installing hurricane windows and doors. Some insurance companies will offer discounts on home insurance if you install these windows. Hurricane windows also do more than protect your home. They insulate and block UV rays as well. You may even notice a sizeable dip in your energy bills after putting hurricane windows and doors in place.

If you are looking into hurricane windows, there are a few things to know. First, impact-resistant glass is available for both windows and doors. Hurricane windows and doors placed throughout the home can offer a significant amount of protection from strong storms. Second, while these windows are beneficial, they are also an investment. Consider your budget before you install this type of window in your home.