Is It Time To Replace That Interior Door Frame?

Interior doors are a functional element in a home. Yet, some homeowners place doors into a purely cosmetic or only minimally-functional category. For this reason, they put off the task of replacing a damaged door frame far too long. There is no need for you to make a similar mistake. When a door frame shows signs of extreme wear, it is best to replace it sooner rather than later.

Spaces and Gaps

If you had a good trim professional install the frame, the seams between the frame sections should be nearly impossible to detect. It should appear as though it is one single piece. However, if the initial frame install was not performed by a professional, there may be spaces and gaps between each section of the frame. 

The thing to remember about this issue is that while it may look unsightly now, the problem will only get worse. As you continue to use the door, the frame will only separate more. Even if the door is inside, if it leads to a non-climate-controlled area, such as the garage, the tiny gaps can allow air to come inside. 


Another indicator that requires your attention is cracking in the frame. Residential interior door frames are primarily made of wood, which also means that they are susceptible to cracking. Again, if you have a professional installation, cracking should not be a significant concern. However, with improper installation, the frame may shift. 

The movement puts pressure on the wood, which, in turn, causes it to crack. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to repair a cracked wood door frame, and the repair is often temporary. You want to replace the frame altogether for the most complete, long-term solution.  

Functional Problems

A door should be able to easily open and close. When there are functionality problems with a door on the more severe end of the spectrum, the problem could be the result of a foundation issue, but more often than not, the door frame is to blame.

When a door frame is damaged, it may shift, which can prevent the door from closing correctly or cause the door to stick, which can make it harder to open. A trained professional can generally replace the frame and eliminate these problems rather easily. 

If any door frame in your home is showing these signs of wear, you want to act. Contact a replacement professional to verify the frame is in need of repair and to get started on repairs.

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