The Siding Contractor's Guide To Fiber Cement Exteriors For Durable, Custom Finishes

There are a lot of options for exterior finishes with fiber cement siding products. These can be modern contemporary styles and other custom sidings for the exterior of buildings. There are also a lot of siding options for other materials and design improvements that can be done with fiber cement products. The following siding contractor's guide to fiber cement finishes will help you choose the best siding for custom exterior finishes:

Contemporary exteriors and fiber cement features

The exterior finishes of a building can have contemporary designs and use various types of materials. For a modern contemporary architectural design, fiber cement can be a great solution. Today, fiber cement veneer systems and panels can be used to create the contemporary look you are trying to achieve for your project. The fiber cement panels can also be combined with other materials to create a more custom finish for the building's exterior.

Conventional lap siding with durable fiber cement

The most common type of siding style to use for the finish of homes is lap siding. Today, fiber cement gives you a lot of options to install custom lap siding on the exterior of buildings. Some of the fiber cement lap siding options to take into account include:

  • Plain unfinished siding planks
  • Primed fiber cement lap siding planks
  • Finished fiber cement planks for a finished product

These are some of the options for fiber cement lap siding products that can be installed to finish the exterior of buildings.

Artisan siding styles with durable fiber cement

There are a lot of artisan siding styles that you should consider for your custom exterior finish. These custom siding features can be created with fiber cement products that include:

  • Cedar shake fiber cement siding systems
  • Decorative fiber cement tiles for exterior finishes
  • Board-and-batten fiber cement siding systems for a durable finish

These are some of the artisan siding designs that can be created with modern fiber cement products for a durable exterior finish.

Rustic siding solutions with fiber cement materials

Modern fiber cement products also give you an option to create a rustic look for the exterior of buildings. Some of the rustic fiber cement siding options include:

  • Rough timber grain fiber cement finishes
  • Timber finishes for fiber cement siding products
  • Log cabin fiber cement finishes for building exteriors

These rustic fiber cement styles will give your exterior finishes the look of natural wood and timber with more durable solutions that are resistant to rot and insect problems.

These are fiber cement siding solutions that can be used to create durable and attractive custom siding finishes. If you are planning a siding project, contact a siding contractor, and talk to them about fiber cement solutions for exterior finishes.