4 Signs You Should Replace Your Front Door

Your front door is the entrance to your home. Your front door makes a statement to anyone who comes up to the front of your home. It is important to know when to swap out your front door.

Sign #1: Your Door Has Structural Damage

If your door has structural damage to it, it is time to say goodbye to your door.

Look for cracks around the door that compromise its integrity, such as cracks near the hinges or bolt. Keep an eye out for deep dings that you can't fix.

If your door has a metal face, cracks and dings can lead to rust. Once rust takes hold, it can be tough to stop and it doesn't make your door look good either.

A warped door is another sign your door is reaching the end of its life. Once your door becomes too warped, it will be difficult to operate. If your front door is suffering from structural damage, it is time to get rid of it.

Sign #2: Your Door is Tough to Open & Close

You should be able to easily open and close your door. If your door is really difficult to open and close, and you have to really yank it hard to open it or push your shoulder into your door to close it, your door has reached the end of its life. More than likely, your door is experiencing extreme warping or sagging, both conditions which, once advanced, can be difficult to reverse.

Sign #3:  Your Door is Drafty

You should not be able to tell if it is hot or cold outside by the air that comes in around your door. Over time, it is common for the weather-stripping around your door and the door seals to wear down.

If you notice lots of drafts around your door, replace the weather-stripping and door seals first. If that doesn't fix the issue, your door may be too warped to keep the drafts outside. Getting a new door will help improve the energy efficiency of your home.  

Sign #4: Insects Are Getting Through Your Door

When your door is shut, insects should not be getting in around your door. Your door should be keeping insects out, not letting insects in.

Your front door should look nice and make a statement. Your front door should protect your home and should be easy to operate. It should let in drafts or insects. If your front door isn't making the statement you want it to make, it is time to start looking at replacement doors.