Current Design Trends In Custom Windows

Whether you are building a custom home or replacing the windows in an existing one, selecting windows with the right style and functionality is vital. While windows that are energy-saving will always remain popular for their ability to lower heating and cooling bills, the best sizes, shapes, and colors of windows change as time passes.  

To ensure your home's windows don't look outdated or out of style, consider this design trend information:

The End to Round "Porthole" Windows

When round "porthole" windows first showed up on the market back in the 1990s, they were all the rage. However, buyers soon discovered it was nearly impossible to purchase adequate window coverings for them. Thankfully, you are saved from this fate, because porthole-style windows are no longer in style, so you should skip them altogether. 

Larger Windows vs. Smaller Windows

One of the first things today's homebuyers notice are rooms with a lot of natural light and those with panoramic views. For these reasons, choose larger windows versus a collection of smaller ones. Additionally, if your home has nice views, then skip the internal frames making the windows appear to be a grouping of different panes of glass.

Pass-Through Windows

One very hot type of window is pass-through windows. This type of window lifts upward similar to the way a garage door opens to allow the ease of passing foods and other items through from one place to another. This type of window works very well between an interior kitchen and an exterior eating space on a patio or deck.

Windows with Colored Vinyl Instead of White

If you love the high-quality of vinyl-framed windows but hate the idea of white window frames clashing with your other interior or exterior design choices, then you will be pleased to learn that vinyl window frames now come in a wide variety of different colors. Whether you want dark blue frames or jet black, you will be pleased to know they are available, and the cost is comparable to white frames.

Custom Window Framing and Sills

No matter what design choices you make when purchasing custom windows for your home, it is also important to think about the interior window sills and the exterior wood framing that finishes them off. The current popular choices are solid-wood window sills and thick wood framing on the exterior.

Finally, if you really want your home's exterior windows to pop, then add a few window flower boxes and some pretty flowers.