Custom Wooden Entry Doors: Solid Or Veneer?

When looking for entry door installation, wooden entry doors are popular for so many reasons. Besides the fact that they are extremely practical when it comes to durability in functionality, they are also the most stylish choice. Many homeowners shopping for wooden entry doors can't find a prefabricated product that matches their aesthetic. These are the customers the commonly resort to custom entry doors. They're definitely an endless amount of options you can choose if you are going to have your entry door custom made by a craftsman. This article explains some of the most important things you should know if you are going to have a custom entry door designed and built specifically for your home.

Solid vs. Veneers

The first thing you should consider is whether you're going to buy a solid door or one that has veneers. A veneered door is going to be made out of cheaper wood, but it will have a thin veneer of a more stylish wood on the outside. This design has several advantages. First of all, veneered doors usually experience less warping, which is a major issue on a door that has to fit perfectly within the frame so that it can be opened and closed regularly. Obviously, since the majority of the door is going to be made out of a less expensive wood, it is also going to keep down the cost of your project. For example, if you wanted a mahogany door, it would be very expensive if you bought a solid product. But, if you buy a mahogany veneered door, it will probably cost half as much.

More Options With Veneer

There are more possibilities if you decide to install a veneer product. That is, with many types of wood it is not even possible to build a solid door. The wood could be too flimsy, too heavy, too flexible, too lightweight, or too grainy. But, if with a solid construction-grade core, pretty much any wood can't be veneered onto a custom door.

Solid Doors

A solid door is always going to be attractive because it just sounds good. That is, it is an attractive feature that is even worthy of listing on a real-estate spec sheet. Solid doors are also convenient because you don't need to worry about the veneer separating from the core. They are easier to patch, paint, and repair. Even though a solid door is usually going to cost more, it might be worth it.