Need Replacement Windows? Consider Adding These Features

Are you planning to get replacement windows for your home? You may not realize that there is more to getting new windows than just the windows themselves. Hre are some features to can add to improve your home.

Insulated Glass

There are many kinds of glass available to you when you get replacement windows put on your home. You may view this as an upsell and ignore the upgrade options, but it can make a huge different in the energy efficiency of your home.

For instance, insulated glass is something you can only get at the time of the window installation, and it can have a lasting impact on your home. This is done by using two glass panes instead of just one, with a gas placed between the panes that helps prevent heat transfer. It also helps cut down noise from outside, making your home quieter if you live on a busy street.

While three glass panes may be a bit much for your home and your budget, definitely consider upgrading to double pane glass.

Storm Shutters

If you live in a region that sees frequent storms, you'll need storm shutters installed on your home. The will prevent the windows from breaking by blocking flying debris during those strong storms. There are storm shutters that can be closed manually, or more advanced models that operate with a handy remote. Consider the latter option if you have a colonial style home and do not want to get out the ladder each time a storm comes through town.

Reflective Film

Light entering your home can play a role in energy efficiency, but many homeowners don't think about it when they're getting new windows installed. Window film can add a tint to the glass that makes your rooms a bit darker, or be completely clear. It can also prevent heat from entering the home during the day. This can make your home feel cooler during summer days when you don't want to close all your shades and live like a vampire.

New window installation is no small task, which is why you want to make sure it is done right the first time. By knowing more about these window upgrades, you can have everything done at once at the time of the installation. For more info on other window upgrades, be sure to ask your window contractor. They can let you know what is available during a consultation.