What You Need To Do When Your Window Will Not Slide Properly

If your window does not slide properly, here is what you need to do to get everything literally back on track in no time.

#1 Remove The Sliding Part Of The Window

The first thing you need to do is remove the sash, or part of your window, that slides back and forth. To remove the sash, first you are going to need to un-attach any devices that are holding the window in place, such as a lock or a wood that you using to keep your window secure.

Once any security devices have been removed, grab ahold of the sash on both sides, lift the sash upwards so is pushed into the top track on your window, then tilt the bottom of the window outward and remove the sash. Place it somewhere safe and sturdy, such as your kitchen table.

Keep in mind that a window sash can be heavy to lift, so you may want to employ someone to assist you with this step.

#2 Clean The Track

Second, now that the window sash has been removed, you need to clean the track. Often times, a window does not slide open and closed properly because the track is dirty. The only way to clean the entire track is by removing the window sash.

First, use a vacuum to clean up all the large debris from your window track. Use a cervix attachment to really get into the track and clean it out. Then, take a damp rag and use it to clean up the rest of the debris. You can use a household cleaning solution to clean up the track.

#3 Clean The Roller

Third, you need to clean the roller on the bottom of the window. Depending on how your track is set-up, you may need to unscrew the slider in order to clean it. You may want to use a cotton swab in order to clean around the small parts on the roller. Cleaning the roller will help facilitate the sliding of your window.

If the roller unit looks like it is broken, you may want to replace the roller unit. You will have to unscrew it and put a new roller unit into the slider on your window.

#4 Put The Window Back

Now that you have cleaned the track the roller, use a rag to clean around the edges of the window to make sure that the frame around the sash is clean as well. Dirt around the actual sash could impede the window as well.

Before you put the window back in, apply some lubricant to the bottom of the track and to the rollers. This should help things slide along more smoothly.

To put the window back, tilt it upward and push it into the upper track, then tilt it into the bottom track. 

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