Cool It Down Baby: Make Your Sunroom Comfortable For Hot Summers

If you live in an environment that sees temperatures in the 90 degrees Fahrenheit and above during the summer months, you know how important it is to keep the house cool. If you have a sunroom, this may be a favorite space during spring days and summer nights. Sunrooms can get hot during the daytime in the summer months, but there are ways to make them more comfortable. Here is how you can set up a cozy, cool sunroom during the summer months. 

Put up blue tinted window film 

The first thing that you need to do to make the sunroom instantly cooler is to put up residential window film. The window film is much better than blackout curtains because they allow you to enjoy the sight of the outside and bring in the sunlight, without making the room hotter in temperature. A blue tinted film will filter the sun through, but provide an evening/night like tint to the room. This will allow you to sit in the sunroom at the height of the sun at noon, but feel as if you are enjoying a cool summer sunset. Contact a business, such as Solar Shield Inc, for more information. 

Add a ceiling fan 

Hot air tends to rise and cool air tends to sink closer to the bottom of the room. For this reason, the installation of a ceiling fan will actually help with cooling down a room. The cold air will start from above and sink down towards the bottom, in order to decrease the temperature of the entire room. If possible, add a ceiling fan that has several speeds. This way the fan can be utilized at an optimal level, even when the temperature begins to drop near the end of the summer time. 

Decorate with cooling plants

Along with fans and film, there are also plants that can help to cool down your home. Both aloe vera and fern plants can help to dehumidify a home and can increase the air quality. Aloe vera also has the added bonus of cooling your skin in the event that you get burned while outside in the sun. If you want a larger tree, try for an indoor fig tree. These do well in rooms with filtered light, so they will work well when placed nearby your window film. Space these plants around your sunroom to make your room air quality ready and make the temperature in your sunroom more comfortable for humans and animals.