Get Another Winter Out Of Your Windows With These Heat Loss-Prevention Tips

If you know that you need to replace at least some of the windows in your house because they're no longer efficient but you're on a tight budget, you face a predicament. On one hand, you might not have the money for the window replacement, but on the other hand, it will cost you more money in the long run to keep the windows and lose precious heat through them — thus increasing your heating bill. A happy medium is to make some minimal investments to temporarily increase the efficiency of the windows. You'll still need to replace them, but these tips can keep the heat loss at a minimum while you save money for the replacement job.

Use Insulated Curtains

One of the simplest ways to prevent excess heat loss through your worn-out windows is to invest in a set of insulated curtains. These curtains are available in many stores that sell draperies and are adept at two things — preventing the heat from your home from escaping through the window and preventing cold air outside from spreading throughout your home. Insulated curtains are an ideal investment because even once you replace your windows, you can continue to use the curtains for their aesthetic appeal, provided you get a color and style that suits the look of the room.

Treat The Windows With Plastic Film

Visit your home improvement store and buy a package of plastic window film. This product is sold in rolls, allowing you to carefully measure and cut each section to fit your window. It adheres to the window and forms a barrier that prevents air from leaking through. You won't be able to open the window, but that's probably not a concern over the winter months when you keep your windows shut all the time. Provided you take care to apply the film patiently, it's nearly impossible to notice without close inspection.

Caulk Any Visible Gaps

A low-cost solution to your problem is to buy some clear or white caulking and a caulking gun and apply this substance to any noticeable gaps along the edges of the windows. If you're feeling a considerable draft through the space between the window and the wall, running a bed of caulk over the area can help. When it comes time to replace the windows, you'll simply need to use a utility knife to cut the caulk away.

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