Keeping Your Windshield Intact During The Hot Summer Months

Summer is a great time to get in your car and go out on the road. However, cracks and scratches in the glass of your car's windshield might make road trips impossible. To ensure that your windshield remains intact and unscratched throughout the hot months, use these three suggestions.

Keep Your Car Covered When Not in Use

During the summer months, thunderstorms, hail storms and heavy winds can cause problems for the glass on your windshield. Tree branches, hail and other objects may be flying around, hit the glass and cause chinks and cracks that need to be repaired.

To protect the glass, keep your car covered whenever you aren't using your car. If you don't have your own personal garage, consider parking in a nearby covered lot or purchasing a car cover that is weatherproof and is able to provide a barrier between your car and any objects.

Beware of Changes in Internal and External Temperature

The glass that makes up your windshield typically contracts a bit and expands a little when the temperature changes. When there is a drastic difference between the temperature inside and outside of your car, that may result in tiny stress cracks.

To keep your windshield intact, make every effort to avoid exposing it to abrupt changes in temperature. For example, if you're hoping to wash your car on a hot day, don't spray cold water from your garden hose directly on the windshield if the car has been sitting there all day long. Instead, park your car in a shady spot and ensure the windows are open so that the car is able to let out as much hot air as possible. You might even consider getting in the car and putting on the A/C to cool the internal air so that the windshield glass is sure to remain intact when you spray it with cool water.

Get the Proper Windshield Wiper Blades

The windshield wiper blades that are on your car right now might not be the best for the hot temperatures in the summer. Blades formulated for winter use are typically more bendable than summer blades and may soften and change shape in the heat of the sun. Pick up some blades that are especially made to withstand the heat so that the windshield isn't scratched by improperly working wiper blades.

With the above summer tips for your car's windshield, you can take action to preserve the glass. Consult a windshield replacement company such as Mr Go-Glass for more ideas.