Everything You Need To Know About Solar Window Screens

Living in a sun-harsh environment comes with a host of issues, but perhaps the biggest issue is the cost associated with cooling the home. While some areas are dry enough to benefit from evaporative coolers, in most places air conditioning still reigns supreme due to humidity, and AC is extremely costly. This usually leads homeowners into researching cost effective ways to cool the home, and one of the newest technologies in this field is solar window screens.

What Are Solar Screens?

While the theory is similar to window tinting, solar screens only reduce the amount of light coming in, and they do not filter the light. This means the home still experiences the natural sunlight coming in and maintains the views from the outside in while keeping the UV light out and adding a little privacy from the outside in. They are also available in different colors; however, the colors do not change the lighting or filtering factor--only how tightly they are woven affects these aspects.

For instance, some companies provide 80% and 90% woven screens. The percentages refer to the amount of heat rays that are blocked by the mesh. The difference is somewhat noticeable between the two versions when looking from the outside to the inside. With 80%, it's a bit easier to see inside and with 90%, it is almost impossible to see anything inside the home. While the darkness inside between the two isn't as drastic, they both provide a clear view of the outdoors from inside the home.

Benefits of Solar Screens

Solar screens also save a bit of money by protecting curtains, drapes, and furniture from sun damage. The filtered light and UV rays will be a bit more gentle to them, keeping them around longer and once again saving money. The solar screens are also particularly useful if the house is facing west. The afternoon sun is harsh and unforgiving, especially in the southwest. It's also good to note that the screens are left on and used as normal window screens. They provide excellent insect protection, making them worth the cost in more ways than one.

While they may be more expensive than regular screens, the solar screens save you money in a multitude of ways, making them something every homeowner should consider, regardless of geography. Also, the maintenance is next to nothing as they only need to be spray cleaned with water while still attached in place. Just remember to clean the windows well before placing the solar screens.

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