Getting New Vinyl Windows? Make Sure You Dress Them Up

Vinyl windows can help you save money because they improve the energy efficiency in your home, but they also look great. You can make them look even better by dressing them up properly. Below are four different types of window treatments you can use to make your windows and home look more inviting.

Interior Shutters

There are two types of interior shutters you can choose: plantation and cottage. Plantation shutters are popular, and are generally placed inside the frame of the window. They have wide louvers that you can open and close. Cottage style shutters look much like exterior shutters. The only difference is that you can open and close them.

You also have to consider the material used for the shutters. You will often find them made of wood, but can also find composite shutters. These shutters are made from fiberboard that is coated with polypropylene. People choose composite shutters because they are durable. If you do not want the cost of real wood, you can purchase faux wood shutters.

Roman Shades

Roman shades block out the sun. They stack up when they are opened, but they are smooth and not ribbed or bumpy. You can find these shades made in different fabrics. Silk fabric has soft folds instead of crisp pleats. If you want it to have more body, you can interline the fabric. For crisp pleats, use upholstery, but make sure it is not a heavy fabric. Cotton has a stiff crease, and makes a great fabric for a roman shade. When shopping for the fabric, look how it folds to see what you like best.

Café Curtains

Café curtains are placed on the lower part of the window, and work great if you do not want full length curtains. This gives you privacy, but leaves the upper part of the window open so you can still have a view and let the sun can shine in.  You can choose straight edged or plain curtains, and use sheer, opaque, print, or solid prints in a variety of colors.

Curtains and Blinds

Use roll up or venetian blinds and curtains on the same window. Use a bold pattern for the blinds, and a plain fabric for the curtain or vice versa. This makes the windows look good inside, as well as looking nice from the outside. Blinds made of aluminum or timber work well. Look at the blinds and curtains together in the store to make sure they look right when paired together.

Dressing up your new vinyl windows will help you enjoy them even more.