Caring For Your (Expensive!) Name-Brand Windows: How To Keep Them Looking Their Best

Most people assume that when you buy new windows and you pay top dollar for them, you can still clean them like they are low-quality windows. That just is not the case with every brand of window. Certain brands of windows, like Andersen windows, require extra special treatment and care. Here is how you can effectively and properly clean the windows in which you have invested a large sum of money.

Avoid Glass Cleaners with Ammonia

Ammonia, while effective for cleaning mirrors and cheap glass surfaces, is not for more expensive windows. The very reason why you have paid more for your brand-name windows is because you have purchased products with special coatings, and ammonia can harm these special coatings. If the window coatings are weakened or destroyed, then the warranty on your windows may also be null and void. Instead, wash your windows with warm water and a wrung-out wash rag. If there are some spots that are stickier or dirtier than others, a mild dish soap is safer to use than ammonia.

Dry The Glass Thoroughly with Soft Paper Towels or Dry Cloth Rags

After you have gently washed your valuable windows, dry them thoroughly. Paper towels or dry cloth rags are acceptable for this job. The lack of water and moisture keeps the windows from streaking, fogging up, blurring or becoming unclear. If your windows are also framed in wood instead of aluminum, then the wood should not get wet at all (despite its protective coating against mold and mildew). If you see the least little rivulet of water heading for the framework on your windows, quickly wipe it away and continue to dry the glass thoroughly.

Avoid Harsh, Scratchy Materials or Cleaning Products

Whatever you do, do not use steel wool, abrasive sponges, scratchy cloths and/or bleach on your new (or almost new) windows. These items not only scratch the surface of the window glass damaging the protective coatings, but also leave physical scratches in the glass or chemically etch the glass. This leaves rather unsightly marks that can cloud over time and possibly void any warranty you have on your windows.

When the Glass Panes Break or Crack

Accidents happen, as do acts of God. Ergo, whenever you find that your windows have cracked or have been broken, be sure to call the professional that installed your windows. He or she can come to your home, assess the damages, write you an estimate and replace the panes or windows. If you cannot afford the job right away, the professional window installer can at least use a piece of wood secured to your window frame to keep the broken or shattered glass from injuring children and pets.