How to Remove Acrylic Paint Spots from Vinyl Siding

If you recently painted the window frames on your home's exterior and some of the acrylic paint has dripped down and dried on the vinyl siding beneath it, you may be concerned about permanent damage and the need to have new siding pieces installed. Fortunately, you can remove the paint by completing the following steps and restore the beauty of the siding.


  • ​water hose
  • stepladder 
  • plastic putty knife
  • mineral spirits
  • sponge
  • tarp
  • bucket of soapy water
  • soft-bristled brush

Remove Thick Spots of Paint

If the paint is relatively fresh and some spots of it are thick, you may be able to soften it with water. Spray a hose directly at the paint spots while the nozzle is adjusted to a setting the provides strong water pressure. Set a up a stepladder next to the vinyl that has paint on it. Carefully scrape the paint away with a plastic putty knife. Use firm pressure but do not point the tip of the tool directly at the vinyl as you are moving it across the paint because permanent marks may appear in the siding.

Eliminate Any Remaining Paint 

Mineral spirits will effectively remove any traces of paint that remain on the vinyl siding without damaging your home's exterior. Pour some mineral spirits onto a sponge until it is damp. Rub the sponge back and forth over the siding. Once the side of the sponge that you are using to remove the stain with is covered with small pieces of paint, rinse it out and add more mineral spirits to it in order to complete the job. 

Clean the Siding & Care for It

Cover the ground that is next to the siding with a tarp so that the cleaning solution does not spill onto any plants or grass that are located in this section. Add a cup or two of mild detergent to a bucket of warm water. Use a soft-bristled brush and the cleaning solution to remove any residue that remains on the siding's surface. Once you have rinsed the soap away with plain water, your home's siding will have the same appearance that it did before the paint spilled onto it.

In the future, cover sections of your home with plastic sheeting that are secured with painter's tape before painting the window frames again. Otherwise, rinse the siding off throughout the year with a water hose to keep the siding clean.

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