Things Older Adults Should Consider When Choosing New Windows For Their Homes

Which windows are the best choice for your home? The answer to this question, and how you arrive at it, will be different for a parent with young children than for an older adult. If you're entering the silver years, here are some factors to keep in mind as you choose your replacement windows.

Are you able to open them easily?

Even if you do not currently have arthritis in your hands, there's a chance you may develop a touch of it in the coming years. Thus, it's important that you choose windows that do not require a very firm grip or the most supreme dexterity to open. Steer clear of casement windows, since the little cranks used to open them can be tough to turn if your hands are stiff. Hung windows are likely your best choice, but make sure you choose a type where the buttons that unlatch and move the screen are easy to press. The type of two metal springs that you have to push together in order to move the screen up and down can be tough for even those with young, spry fingers to open!

How easy are the windows to clean?

Climbing up on a ladder to clean the outside of your windows is probably not a task you should be tackling as an older adult. You don't want to risk losing your balance when sticking your head out the window to clean it, either. If you're already used to hiring someone else to clean your windows, then perhaps this is not a big concern for you. On the other hand, if it's important for you to maintain your independence and be able to tackle this task yourself, you'll want the type of hung windows that fold down on hinges, allowing you to access the outside of the window from the inside. Make sure both the top and bottom windows fold in this way—in some models, only one of the other does, and this is of little use to you.

Do the windows prevent glare?

If you're a glasses wearer like so many others in your age demographic, you want to make sure you choose windows that prevent glare, as glare from the sun can bounce off your glasses and make it tough to see. Many of today's windows come with glare-prevention coating, either as a default or add-on option. Check for this feature before you select a window option.

The windows that you choose should be a good match for your lifestyle and needs. As long as you keep the factors above in mind when making your choice, you'll be in good shape. For more information, visit sites like