How To Change The Weatherstripping On Your Windows

Investing in new windows is an investment that is too expensive for many homeowners. Old windows are problematic because they become less functional and lose their energy efficiency over the years. If you cannot afford to buy brand new windows, there are a few ways to improve the efficiency of your existing windows. One great DIY window project that will hugely improve the seal and efficiency of your windows is to replace the weatherstripping. This a great project because the labor is easy, cheap and does not require special tools or training. If you install weatherstripping, with a bigger pile, you can add some insulation to movable sashes.

Remove the Old Weatherstripping

It is very important that you fully remove the old weatherstripping. You need to remove all of the adhesive. The new stripping will stick much better to the frame if the surface is smooth. To scrape away rubberized adhesive stripping, you will want to use a painter's knife and utility knife. First, scrape away the majority of the stripping with a painter's knife. If your weatherstripping is particularly worn out, it will be very easy to remove. After you scrape away the rubber part, you may need to meticulously scrape away the rest with the much sharper utility knife. Be careful to not scratch your frame. To complete the removal, you should rub the frame down with some household cleaner or mild degreaser.

Applying the new Weatherstripping

Applying the new weatherstripping is easy, but you need to be patient. It comes in adhesive-backed rolls that can be tricky because they are so sticky once you remove the backing. Do not remove all of the backing at once. Also, don't cut it beforehand. It is best if you peel away the backing as you actually apply the stripping. Then, when you get the corner, cut it precisely with the utility knife. Do not try to bend the stripping in the corner! You need to cut it, or else the stripping will eventually pull away from the corners. Press down on the stripping very firmly to ensure that it firmly stuck the to frame before you try to operate the sash.

As you can see, this is not a particularly difficult way to improve your windows. It will definitely improve the efficiency of your windows without denting your wallet. It will only take a few hours and the labor won't leave you tired. If you need help replacing your windows themselves, visit Zephyr Aluminum Renewal by Andersen.